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Our goods

You may see the detailed description produced by us goods in subsection "Industrial parquet", "Parquet board", "Fuel briquettes", "Lumbers".

You may read about our perspective development and become investor our business - a project in subsection "Fluid tree"

The Fluid tree - a project of the reception of the greater money from rubbish. 

We search for the investor



Photo our goods

Industrial parquet

oak "natur", 10x8x160; 16x8x160; 23x8x160


ash "natur", 10x8x160; 16x8x160; 23x8x160


Parquet board

oak, 20x185x600-1200, rustic


ash, 20 x 90/120/140 x 600-1200 mm


ash, covering - a white oil



Lumbers from pine

boards, beams

  palet ellements and board 4 sort




Fuel briquettes pini-key


  • The External diameter - 50 mm.
  • Internal diameter - 20 mm.
  • Length - 300 mm.
  • Density - 1,4 m3/ton.
  • The Material - a pine 100%.
  • Moisture - less 10%.
  • Ash - 0,5%

we can offer any type of the packing

Price - 100 Eur/ton FCA-Kyiv.

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